June 13, 2022
Listening to- My partner playing Starbound
Mood- Looking forward to having a beach day tomorrow

Barista Blues

I work on Rich People Island, which is a tourist hot-spot, and up until recently that hasn't been too bad. But boy howdy. It became tourist season overnight! Like, 3 days ago or so, it suddenly became impossible for me to close on time (I'm always closing shift). It's annoying, because then I get home later than usual by like an hour at the least.

A lot of the tourists are more okay than you'd expect, but I mean, customers are evil by nature, we all know that. I've avoided the worst of our customer bullshit so far, mostly because I don't work morning shift, but my coworkers have had people say rude shit to them, be generally unpleasant, order really stupid, complicated drinks, and in one instance, try to reach around our sneeze guard and GRAB THEM.

For your entertainment and my catharsis, here's a few wild customer behaviors I've witnessed while working here:


Trying to organize hasn't gone very well, mostly because I'm sort of a coward. I'm working really hard at being less of a coward. It's not just organizing conversations that I'm bad at, its most conversations. I know its like ~trauma~ and also that I'm probably on the spectrum, but I refuse to let my anxiety keep me from doing what I think is right. I don't wanna be the guy who wants a revolution but can't even order take-out without having an anxiety attack, YOU KNOW???

Organizing might not go anywhere anyway, but I need to know I tried. My current game plan is to ask coworkers I'm more comfortable with "Do you like working here?" to see if I can spark a conversation about their work issues.

I'm probably moving at the end of the year, so I'd need to see if we can form a workers committee, like, ASAP. The discontent is there, but currently everyone is at each other's throats instead of at management's.

More Tattoo Stuff

I'm still trying to build a tattoo flash portfolio. I ended up showing what I had done so far to a veteran tattoo artist, and it was a somewhat frustrating experience, but I did get good guidance in there.

Here are my recent sheets:

I'm trying to make some stuff that's not just nature, too, but I mean....I really like drawing plants and insects.