Mar 27, 2022
Listening to- Mercury
Mood- Inspired

We went to FLUKE mini-comics festival!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was INCREDIBLE and exactly what I needed- Being around so many unbelievably creative people selling 8-fold zines for $2....These are my people....It was just amazing. Me, my partner, and our friend Meg split a motel room and brought mini-comics to hand out for free.

I'm gonna make Numbuh 4 is Transgender available on my comics page soon.

I'd been saving up all my tip money for months so that we'd be able to just throw cash at as many artists as possible, and as a result we came home with a huge haul :) Being around artists, meeting them and talking to them, making connections, reading really good comics, and assembling comics with my friends really lit a spark in me again. I'd been struggling with burn-out for a very, very long time- and I was stuck in a creative block. I think this trip knocked me out of that, and now I'm overflowing with ideas and motivation.

If the images don't load, just refresh the page a couple times...

Also, we got to hit up Bizzaro Wuxtry, the best comics shop I've ever been to.

So yeah, huge success!! I hope to make a lot of new zines soon...

UNRELATED but it turns out there's video from the brief period where Nervous Gender had an eight-year-old as their drummer, which is really great.