October 06, 2022
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Mood- Relaxing, honestly

I had so much stuff I wanted to blog about for months, but too much time has passed, so I either forgot stuff or lost interest in talking about stuff. I've been really busy with work and other things, but now that SPX is over, I have more free time. SPX was awesome! It was my first time tabling at a "real" expo, but I really enjoyed it. Probably the biggest highlight for me personally was meeting Yugo Limbo, who is just as cool as you'd expect.

Here's our haul! I want to spotlight some of my favorite things I got.

My absolute favorite thing I bought was Frankenstein’s Support Group For Misunderstood Monsters, a series by Jadzia Axelrod.
Unfortunately, I can't find a place to buy the series online, and the images seem to be broken on the site they're hosted on. I might contact Jadzia and ask her about it, because I want more people to read this comic.

The other huge favorite is The Paradox of Getting Better by Raven Lyn Clemens. This book was just incredible. I've been a fan of Raven for a bit now, but I'd been so offline that I didn't even realize they had a book out!!

Lastly, I was deeply moved by this minicomic by an artist who just goes Cathy, or cthartica. I can't find the minicomic online anywhere, but I didn't look that hard. It's probably somewhere on The Comics Gutter. It's a very beautiful story.

Yugo's new book was also incredible, but we all knew that. BTW it is for 18+ audiences only.

While I'm on the subject of comics, the ShortBox Comics Fair is going on this month! There's a lot of cool comics you can get there, but I wanted to highlight my friend Val Wise's comic- I Am Of Two Hearts.

Val is an artist in a league of his own. His stories are always ideas I've never seen done anywhere else, and she's so good at creating compelling worlds and characters. Definitely heed the content warnings, and respect that this comic is for 18+ readers.

REAL QUICK since I'm on a roll you should check out my friend Jules' work.

And also my friend Winona's webcomic Girls with Horns!!!


We're moving soon! So, we've been packing the apartment and preparing for that. It's both extremely exciting and nervewracking! We're moving into a HOUSE!! But the house is a huge fixer-upper. That in itself can also be exciting, it's just also daunting.
One of the fun parts is that I started a P*ntrest pinboard for like...interior decorating inspo, cuz we can finally paint our walls anything we want. I'm realizing I'm very in love with green and terracotta walls.

I'm ending this post with something we spotted at our local Spirit Halloween

And some new Asher pics.


October 05, 2022
Listening to- Loreena McKennitt, apparently
Mood- I have two days off from work so I'm Feelin' Fine

Cleaning up my blog pages n stuff! Don't mind me! I've been okay.