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Fahrenheit 451
by Ray Bradbury

I loved this book in high school, and now that I've reread it, I still love it. I find the way Bradbury writes to be really easy and fun to read, and the ideas he's playing with are very compelling. I know this book is already known for "predicting the future" (which is actually just making astute observations about how the world was progressing), but I was really struck by the description of the robot dogs and how similar they are to the horrible robot police dogs that exist today. Anyway, his author's note at the end kind of killed it for me, actually. I mean, I agreed with the basic principals of what he was saying, but it also really felt like "I'm mad because marginalized people have criticized my work", which is lame and annoying. But...we all see what we Want to see in the media we consume, right?
Our Native Bees
by Paige Embry

I learned a lot and fell in love with even more types of bees through this book. It did frustrate me how close the author gets to realizing that Capitalism Is The Problem, but she never actually gets there.
Belly of the Beast
by Da'Shaun L Harrison

A deeply personal look into the intersection between being fat and being a Black man/person assumed to be male. Required reading.
Fearing the Black Body
by Sabrina Strings

This is the most essential text for understanding the ways in which fatphobia and antiBlackness are interwoven. Life changing book.
by Mary Shelley

This book deeply affected me when I read it as a teenager. Reading it again....yep...still very affecting. This time, though, I appreciated the human drama a lot more.
by Laura Jane Grace & Dan Ozzi

One of my favorite bands pissed in the Gatorade bottles of another of my favorite bands. But real shit, this memoir was very powerful and important for me to read.
Are Prisons Obsolete?
by Angela Y. Davis

Spoilers, turns out they are in fact obsolete. This is required reading!
by May Leitz

This book is the one that got me back into reading. It's SUPER engaging, but heed the content warnings.

Want to Read

We Won't Be Here Tomorrow
by Margaret Killjoy

The Colored Cartoon
by Christopher P Lehman

Parasite Rex
by Carl Zimmer

Race, Riots and Roller Coasters
by Victoria W Wolcott